Skeleton Crew

Meet the gang behind the mic


Randy is our Program Director, Morning Show Guy, and the main man behind The Bone. Randy has been serving the Poplar Bluff area with River Radio for 20 years now, and his tasty selection of rock has created a legion of loyal Bonehead listeners that keep their radio dial glued to The Bone. From classic rock to the best new rock, chances are you will become a Bonehead and proud. Randy also keeps plugged into the community and is also active in his church, Palace Of Praise. If it is happening in the Bonehead Nation - Randy knows about it. An Art Institute graduate, Randy kinda fell into radio accidentally and has been making it up as he goes for 30 years now. Keep us rockin' Randy!


Chris Berger 


Chris is a walking, talking encyclopedia of music and movie knowledge. And yes, he is the one that has that deep voice that makes your woofers rattle. And by the way, The Bone cannot be held responsible for any speaker damage that may occur due to Chris's deep voice. Join Chris for the Bone Home weekdays featuring the Five O'Clock Bone Ride. Chris is a Poplar Bluff transplant from St. Louis and serves his toast with lots of Pearl Jam!    


JAke Whitlow

Jake gives you all your Bonehead requests during our Bone Appetit Lunch Hour. Our resident musician, Jake Whitlow can sometimes be found with his guitar in hand jamming along behind the soundboard. This Ripley County boy is a gear head and he knows how to keep Boneheads happy, all you have to do is feed them plenty of Southern Rock.   

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